Wednesday, August 31, 2011

September Goals

Good riddance August. I suppose we can finally say the f word now... Fall is just around the corner. With that comes fall fashion, fall television, and hot apple cider! What are your plans to make this month a great one? I'm setting 3 goals.
1. Start training for my Disney Princess Half Marathon in February.
2. Follow my Home Routines app religiously all month.
3. Purge all unworn and unwanted clothes (from every season) to make room for newer and better fashions!

Last September looked a little something like this...

We fished... a lot.

The dogs wished I had lost these Halloween costumes...

Carmen's allergies got the best of her so we applied medicine and a baby mitten. That lasted about as long as it took to get this picture.

I practiced reading to a small creature.

And we thought we were having a boy...

We devoured candy corn like it was our job

And I started to look fat pregnant

We visited Fort Worth

And Cory felt like a kid again.

He got some practice entertaining small children with our 4 year old niece.

I'm hoping this September is filled with just as much fun!

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  1. Ha! I love this post so much!!

    I love that you got one of those gender things - I don't love that it was wrong!!! I wanted to do one with the next baby (which no, will not be ANY time soon!) and now I'm thinking no!

    Are you dressing the pups up this halloween? I need to get some costumes for ours that actually fit them. Remember the ladybug costume you got Zoe? Ha!!


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