Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like... Halloween?

Howdy! It's your favorite missing in action blogger. No excuses, just fun here! Work has been as hellacious as ever- I should know better than to volunteer for every single extra assignment known to mankind. Luckily for everyone, I've got a 5 day weekend ahead of me. We have big plans, including Grace's first professional photo shoot, a trip to the pumpkin patch, and MAYBE a brief stop off at the beach (you know, so she can eat sand for the first time.)

Since last post, Grace turned 7 months. I lost and gained the same 2 pounds. I started training for my half marathon, got a promotion, turned 27, and had my first rainy days in my Hunter wellies! I'd say we've had a great 3 weeks.

I should be getting my blog makeover sooner than later, and I couldn't be more excited. Nothing says "I will promise to write more often" like a blog makeover, right?

Here are some pictures from our adventures this month.

Birthday brunch... Grace was too thrilled with the ladies at the restaurant and her first high chair experience to look.

A future Sephora addict. Poor daddy!

Can we let Halloween pass before the Christmas lights come out? I mean come on! 
Rockin the new Frye boots from mi madre.

We love swings, yes we do!

Standing already? Stop it!

Volunteer events in Times Square- just part of the job :)

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