Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mineral Oil Miracle

Add this to the list of things no one tells you about being a mom: antibiotics can (and will) give diarrhea and diaper rash. Poor bean's butt has been on fire... Yes, TMI. I did a text cry for help to some of my favorite mommas, and wouldn't it just so happen that my favorite go-to mom, Beach Bum, had the perfect solution. 

Cotton balls and mineral oil. No kidding! And Boudreaux's Butt Paste- a favorite of mine. All you do is soak the cotton balls in mineral oil and use them in lieu of wipes during a dipe change. They get the mess clean, they don't burn, and they moisten the little tush. Then smear a layer of BBP and you're good to go! I finally have my happy baby back again!

We had a little bit of a fail this weekend. I think we waited too long to go pumpkin hunting. "Hurricane" Irene damaged a lot of the pumpkin patches here, so we were only able to find a table of small pumpkins :( We had no cash and were out in the country (and by country I mean an hour away from the city in the beautiful Rumson, NJ) and so we were ghetto as ghetto can be and snapped pictures with the pumpkins and left. Does this make us bad people?
This is the face of a baby who has no idea how cheap her parents are.

Pardon the crazy hair. I should throw away that waving iron immediately.

In unrelated news: have you ever used The Picture People for photos? I want a cheap easy Christmas present for the grandparents, and they have a photo package that comes with 10 prints (that's the grandparents and then some!) for $135 and they have coups online all the time. I usually don't use the mall photo people, but the fam won't notice the difference, right?

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