Sunday, November 6, 2011

Welcome to Brooklyn!

It's about time I posted something about living in the city. Y'all probably wonder if I ever go on the subway with my stroller, what with all my lame posts and whatnot.

Today I did something that really solidified in my mind that I live in New York City. I watched the runners in the New York City Marathon from my block in Brooklyn. Getting tired of yelling "wooo" and "yeah!" I decided I was going to do the polite southern thing and so I yelled "Welcome to Brooklyn y'all!" I think it made my borough seem friendly. Glad I could do my part, Mayor Bloomberg can thank me later.

The reporter in me was having a field day imagining the assignments I could make up out of this race. Sure, there are the obligatory "what's your weepy story" segments. But what I found pretty interesting was the choices in clothing. I looooved seeing the girls in their cute get ups, the guys in their crazy costumes (26.2 miles in costume? no thanks!) and the fun ways people ramped up excitement for the big day. My favorite shirts were the ones with people's names on them- I loved being able to cheer *for* someone rather than yell generic things at them. Here are a few ton of photos from our morning:

It was nice to see the people of Bay Ridge go out to support the runners!

This is about mile 2.5

So many runners!

Watching all these runners makes her sleepy.

Run Forest, run!

How cute is she in her tutu? Freakin adorable!

The girl in pink has a pink tiara. My picture doesn't really do it justice.

She decided to wake up and greet some athletes.

Lovin the bright shirts. They look like besties!

I'm not gonna lie, I'd be pissed if someone dribbled a ball while I was trying to run a race. 

The next wave of runners

Helo in the sky, there were TONS of them out 

Look at Miss Bumblebee! I wonder if she kept the wings on the whole time?

The pace balloons

The guy in blue has no shoes on. None.

Super heroes

Flags for skirts

Fun mohawks

This guy seriously kicks ass. 

How cute! I wonder if they held hands the whole way.

If this guy can do it, why can't I? Cause I'm a weenie.

Oh hey ma, I'm gonna nap now.

He said "did you see 45,000 people go that way?" What a hoot!

Another cute NYC marathon outfit.

Marathons can really drain the energy out of ya!

Always love to see runners in Vibrams! (the girl in purple and blue)

More super heroes!

She had a great smile and she is rockin that tutu!

Santa is working off those cookies early.

I would think this one would interfere with breathing?

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