Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 19: Nicknames

Nickames... Where do I begin? Having a name like "Mallory" surprisingly opens you up for many nicknames... some not so fun (calorie) and some that rock (mallerina.)

Being in the military opens you up to even more names because people naturally think they're hilarious and want to keep pressing the issue (malley-cat.)

I think my favorite nickname is "punkin" from my dad. I've also been called missy, malicious, malaria (mal-a-ree-a, not the mosquito disease), and surely a host of other names. Heck, I've even had nicknames like Natalie and Molly, stemming from people who can't grasp the name I tell them.

The one thing I HATE with the passion of 1,000 fiery suns--the name that makes me go bat-shit-crazy-- is when people *I don't know very well* call me Mal. Don't get me wrong: my husband, brother in law, dad, mom, and other close friends call me Mal daily. But when I just meet someone for the first time and introduce myself as Mallory, I want to be called that. I wouldn't walk up to a Melissa and call her Mel, so what's the difference?

Maybe I'm a picky stickler (that's fun to say!) but nicknames usually indicate familiarity and comfort. I say wait until you've established a relationship with someone before you bust out the nicknames. My mother didn't name me Mal.

Now that I've ranted for an age about nicknames, I'll go ahead and move on to more pressing issues. Like Fall TV!


  1. It bugs me when people I don't know call me Em. It seems if someone ever knew an Emily in their life, they think they can all of us Em. Wrong! My old boss used to, weirdest thing ever.

  2. I can relate to the whole Mal thing. I get upset when people call me Kate instead of Katie and they do not know me very well.

  3. Crud, I called you Mal from day one, didn't I? LOL!! xoxo


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