Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Television Lineup

I don't know about y'all, but I am freakin' excited about fall television. I've said "oooh I want to see that" more times than Cory can count. Poor guy is likely thinking he'll never have a TV-less day again. Luckily for him, Friday and Saturday are free of shows I can't wait to catch! (kidding kidding.... kind of...)

Here's what I am totally looking forward to...

Why do I love this show? It has no mirror to any real life I know. But damn it if Lauren Graham doesn't win my heart with every show she's in as a single mother with wit up to her ear-holes.

Tonight is the premier of Up All Night Crap I was misinformed... But I'm still amped about this show with Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph. It seems relatable to me at this point in my life, although slightly over dramatized (I don't fall asleep at random points during the day) but I think the beauty of television is that it's a satire of life. If I wanted to see my life, I wouldn't watch the televsion, amirite?

Let me give you the lowdown on my relationship with Glee: missed the first season only to catch up when it was released on DVD. Fell in love. Cue the sporadic and lackluster second season. And now I'm hoping with my fingers and toes and eyes crossed that this show will rise out of the sophomore slump and make me fall in love again. If not, I'm dropping out. It's hard enough to admit that I'm a Gleek already.

I have high hopes for this show. It might replace Glee! Cory's celeb crush is Zooey Deschanel (even though he refers to her as "that girl in Elf.") I won't lie, I couldn't care less about the story line, I think she is so flippin' adorable.

I don't know what draws me to this one... Perhaps I love the commercial in which the teenager declares that the dog has nicer hair than hers. I won't lie, this will likely only hold my affections for all of the time it takes to air the premier episode. Good luck, ABC.

Here's how it started. I had no cable, and Netflix had Grey's. Cory was walking by during an episode, and it turned into a 3 month frenzy to watch everyepisodecreated. Down to ordering Hulu because they had season 7 and Netflix didn't. He became obsessed, to put it lightly. He may be more excited than I am about this premier.


Maybe it's Christina Ricci (my affection for her is solely physical-- she has a giant forehead like I do.) Maybe it's the call of an earlier time. I doubt I'll fall in love with this show, but I need to give it a shot, if only to see her forehead shine in glory. I'll wear my bangs up for the occasion.

The show getting the boot this year? The Biggest Loser, are two hour episodes really necessary?

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  1. I NEVER knew you were a Gleek. Damn it, I need to watch it sometime - it must be good!!

    And I haven't seen parenthood either but the previews look good. Man, I need a date with my DVR! Ha!!

    And I LOVE Zooey from Elf too - she is too precious!!!!


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