Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 4: Family

I love my parents. My mom and I are best friends and I am so lucky to have such a loving caring woman to be a great role model and friend to me. She lives in Virginia and she's close enough to visit often, which is much better than when we lived in Louisiana or when I lived in California. Another great thing about my mom is that she is great at interior decorating and has a keen eye for fashion: both departments I regularly need help in.

My dad is not my biological father, but has been with my family since I was 3 months old so I never knew any different. He raised me, put me through private school and braces and dealt with me as an angsty teenager. Although he and my mom are no longer together, we're still as close as ever.

My husband is my best friend and soul mate. We have been together since January of 2009, and married for 2.5 years. He is the greatest friend and father, I really lucked out and got the total package! He loves to work out, eat, and be with all of us. 

This is my sweet baby girl Grace. She was born in March this year and has been quite the addition to the family. She looks just like her father, and has his personality too! She loves to play with mommy's hair, pull on Carmen's ears, and sing us baby songs. She has really completed our family and been a welcome member of both my side and Cory's side of the family.

These are our "puppies" Carmen and Lucky. Carmen is a beagle pit bull mix. She loves Grace, eating poop, and taking naps cuddled up with one of her humans. Lucky is a beagle corgi mix. She loves barking at other dogs, chasing rabbits, and destroying stuffed animals. They have such fun personalities, and while at times high maintenance, are still our little fur babies.

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