Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oh the places you will go

Boy do I have some catching up to do. 5 days of Katie's 30 day challenge. A blog post about my Erin Condren experience (coming Tuesday). And the list goes on!

This week I traveled to Portsmouth, NH for work. I brought the whole fam for a mini vacay (we are more like a traveling circus at this point.) It was such a blast! I lived there for a year before joining the military, so it was nice to go back for a visit. I enjoyed seeing old friends (including one in Newport, RI) and I think Grace thoroughly enjoyed having a week of Daddy time, too.

When we finally got home we went to the farmer's market, where we scored a load of fresh produce and I failed to bring a camera. We've had the perfect fall weather here, and to wrap up our weekend we walked into the city to get some grub, stopped by the park, and ate some delicious food from our farmer's market spree (butternut squash anyone?!) I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I can't wait to catch up in my google reader!

Here are a few photos of our week:
The Cliff Walk, Newport RI 
Cory and I at the Cliff Walk

Carmen enjoys the salty New England air.

And Lucky dreams about future days spent on the water.

Grace and I hang out at a rest stop to take a breather from the car seat.

We ate our body weight in food. This was my go-to meal in my NH days. Sadly on this trip, I ate this twice in 2 days.

Mommy neglected to bring the supplies to take Gracie's 6 month pictures. So we did them 3 days after her actual 6 monthaversary!

She looooves the swings.

Must take after her dad.

Notice the lack of mom uniform. Looks like SOMEONE could have told me I had a huge fat roll in this picture. Cory.

Instead of cleaning, I had an afternoon of magazines and Diet Coke. Until a fly landed in my drink.

And Cory topped off his night with some pumking beer. I wish I loved beer, because I sure do love pumpkin!

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