Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 9: Must Watch TV Shows

I used to love The Biggest Loser so much. Now that they have 2 hour episodes, I only tune in for the weigh ins. Does that make me a bad person?

When we first got Netfix, I decided I would watch Grey's Anatomy. Little did I know that in less than four months, Cory and I would become obsessed and watch every season. We are now eagerly awaiting the next season.

Please please tell me that more of you love Parenthood. It is a very real fear of mine that this will go off the air. It's so refreshing to see a TV show with a semi normal family. If by normal I mean obnoxious amounts of money living in California wine country with questionable employment (really, does ANYONE on TV have a legit job that requires more than 4 hours a week?! because on MY television show, it'd be 90% work and 10% other crap.)

If you don't like Wipeout, you're unamerican.

So I was a little late on the Sex and the City bandwagon...

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